Ilipak Carrera 500pc

Vemag Robot 500

Savage Bros Copper Candy Kettles

Revent Double Rack Rotating Oven

Hobart 140 qt Mixer

Hobart Floor Cutter

Metal Detection


Our facility is free of all Gluten, Grains, and Soy.  The only form of dairy that we allow in the facility comes from various protein powders, some of which are derived from whey.  We have an open door policy and anyone is allowed for a visit or tour with 48 hours notice.

Health Food Product Incubator 

‚Äčand Manufacturing Facility


We specialize in extruded bars and cookies, either raw or baked.  Run sizes vary, but we can accommodate smaller runs and various sizes and shapes.  Innovative health food products are what we are passionate about!